Waterloo Regional Eye Program empowers patients and referring providers with information. 

By streamlining care pathways, we can improve access to eye specialists and ensure patients with eye disease receive timely high quality care. 

We provide a road map on how eye care is delivered to help patients and referring providers access the right provider at the right time.


Waterloo Regional Eye Program fosters a collaborative model of patient-centred eye care that prioritises excellence in clinical outcomes and an efficient and positive patient experience.

We deliver comprehensive medical and surgical eye care so patients in our community can receive the highest quality care close to home.

Our Values

Caring and compassion

So everyone feels valued and heard


We work together to achieve the best patient care


We strive for the highest standard of surgical and medical eye care


So everyone can use their voice and contribute


So patients can receive care close to home


We collaborate across disciplines and strive to improve standards of care

About us

The Waterloo Regional Eye Program: empowering patients

The eye physicians and surgeons in the Waterloo Region are proud to announce the launch of the online Waterloo Regional Eye Program: www.waterlooeye.ca. This digital platform helps coordinate ophthalmology referrals and empowers patients with information on surgeons, wait-times, and educational materials on eye diseases and procedures.

Improved access to patient and provider education is essential to ensure patients receive appropriate screening eye exams and treatments for eye disease. Ophthalmologists in the Waterloo Region have developed open access patient educational materials on eye diseases and procedures with original medical illustrations and videos. Patients referred to an ophthalmologist for an eye disease or procedure can either read online or be given a printed handout on their eye disease or procedure and be better prepared for their appointment.

We also recognize the importance of simple information on the eye surgeons and hospitals in the region. We have a biographical section on the 16 ophthalmologists outlining our training, what services we provide, our wait times, and how to refer a patient. We outline what to expect if you are scheduled for surgery at our hospitals and update you on COVID-19 related precautions and protocols.

Through the use of digital tools we can improve care pathways. Our coordinated Ocean e-referral program, in partnership with the eHealth Centre of Excellence, allows patients to access timely ophthalmology care. Centralized referral for cataract surgery allows patients to see wait times and then decide on a preferred provider, location, or to access the fastest surgery.

Ophthalmologists in the region have strong collaborative relationships with optometrists, family doctors, emergency doctors and other providers in the region.  Under 'Getting Care', patients can find an optometrist close to home and read about standard care pathways for specific eye diseases to facilitate timely access to appropriate care. We value collaborations with optometrists in managing patients with eye disease in our community and outline for readers examples of how these collaborations work.

Eye surgeons in the region are dedicated to provide patients in the Waterloo Region with excellent quality and accessible care. We hope you find these online resources helpful.

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